Tips for Storing Personal Items in Unconditioned/Non-Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units

While our facility has been designed to include only modern, all-steel self-storage buildings, you may wish to give your valuables a bit of extra protection, especially if your items are particularly sensitive to fluctuations in humidity.

To give yourself additional peace of mind, Must Stash It recommends the following storage tips:

1. Raise your belongings off the floor

  • Like most storage facilities, Must Stash It’s buildings comprise polished concrete floors. It is best to put a bit of space between the floor and your belongings. Cinderblocks, wooden pallets, and even plastic sheeting can make effective spacers to keep your items high and dry.

2. Wrap your belongings

  • Furniture (especially upholstered items) and other moisture-sensitive belongings are best protected by some form of wrapping. Plastic tarps, moving blankets, or drop cloths should be wrapped loosely around such items.
  • Let the belongings breathe – wrapping items too tightly can seal in moisture. A loose draping is best.

Clean your belongings

  • Storing unclean items (especially for a long period of time) can promote the growth of pre-existing mold and mildew. Such growths can also spread to other belongings in your unit, particularly if it is packed too tight (see tip #4 below)
  • Wooden or plastic furniture should be cleaned using a mild soap and water, or a wood cleaning solution, where applicable. Upholstered items like loveseats and pillows should be cleaned with an appropriate upholstery cleaner. Dry your items thoroughly before storing them.
  • Use a metal cleaner to remove oxidation from metal items and protect against tarnishing.

4. Do not pack your belongings too tightly

  • Make sure you have rented adequate storage space for your belongings. Must Stash It is happy to upgrade you to a larger unit whenever possible if you find yourself cramped for space. Don’t be afraid to ask!

5. Never store irreplaceable items or items of extraordinary sentimental value (e.g., photo albums and paintings)

  • While most homeowners and renters insurance policies cover the loss of items stored in self-storage facilities (check your policy to be sure), you cannot replace the irreplaceable! Keep such items safe at home.